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Mitch, RN

Registered Nurse, Certified CPR/AED/BLS Instructor, and preparedness enthusiast.

Mitch is a Registered Nurse with practice rights in 29 states, a certified CPR/AED/BLS Instructor (with a 3-letter association that does not let instructors advertise their name in unofficial business), and a survival and preparedness enthusiast.

All content on OffGridNurse will adhere to the following:

  • Any article content that is not common knowledge will be backed up with a reputable source (government or educational institution).
  • Content will be created based on the author’s interest in prepping and survivalism, and desire to teach within the scope of an RN, and not for the sole purpose of generating revenue.
  • Only authors that are credentialed medical professionals will create content for OffGridNurse.

DISCLAIMER: The content discussed in any article, publication or video created by OffGridNurse does not serve as medical advice. When possible, your medical care should be directed by your physician.